About us

Desang has been set up by Sue Marshall, who's had insulin-dependent diabetes since the age of five, 40-something years later she had a kitbag made to fit all her various blood testing and insulin-delivering kit.

Sue says, "I work, play and travel, and I needed to make sure I had all my stuff with me, without the worry of running out, leaving it behind or not-knowing how my bloods were doing. With this bag I've crammed in everything I could ever need, so everything is in one place. The only thing I have to reme
mber to do is fill the kitbag with refills. I have one in my bag all the time, using a Slim one for daily use, and the Classic for when I'm staying overnight or travelling, as it has my night-time insulin in it too. I feel calmer about my diabetes since having everything to hand, from a sugar source to spare insulin cartridges, and that's helped me have better control." 

We hope you will find a Desang diabetes kitbag that will suit your needs and lifestyle.

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