Bottle Bank

For those diabetics who still have to use bottles of insulin, eIther to fill up insulin pumps or because they prefer to use syringes, then the new Bottle Bank might be just the thing for you. 


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Bottle Bank for syringe users can carry:
Up to two packets of x10 disposable 0.5ml syringes
2 bottles of insulin
Space for ID card and two other small flat pockets.

 Alternatively, if kitbag is used for one bottle of insulin and one packet of 10 syringes, then the other pocket can carry blood-testing kit (sensors, blood test machine, finger-pricker).

The Bottle Bank for insulin pump users This is a great ‘weekender’ kitbag for insulin pump users containing items that might be required should an infusion set need to be changed or a cartridge refilled.

The Bottle Bank (for pumpers) can carry:
X1 bottle of insulin
X1 spare infusion set (depending on the brand, you may fit two in)
X1 insulin reservoir
X1 insertion set

Dimensions (when closed)
H: 24cm (9.5”)
W: 13cm (5”)
D: 3.5cm (1.5”)
Wt (when empty): 270g

Pockets: both pockets are  H12cm x W12cm x D3cm (approx 5”x5”x2”).

Kitbags are sold empty. Equipment and medication shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. Kitbags fit all leading blood test machines and insulin injection pens. Kitbags are handmade of quality leather and that there may be slight variance in size and in the finish and surface of the leather.

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